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Visit to the EAA Flyin, Oshkosh 2018. July 23 to 29, 2018.

Visit to the EAA Flyin, Oshkosh 2017. July 24 to 30, 2017.

Visit to Tulsa, OK by the Solar Impulse, a solar powered airplane that is flying around the world May 16, 2016.

Visit to see the McCorkells in Santa Barbara May 2016.

Ed and Sharon Godfrey 30th Anniversary Party March 12, 2016.

Kay Brunton Funeral Celebration January 16, 2016.

Visit with the McCorkells January 2015.

Visit to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, September 2014.

The Collins Family Reunion in Canon City CO August 13, 2014.

The EAA Convention Oshkosh 2014.

My niece Stacy Godfrey's wedding to Travis Lee on February 15, 2014.

Duke Ferry Flight to Argentina October 2013.

EAA Convention Oshkosh July 2012.

Picking up Starship NC33 in Owensboro KY June 2012.

Billy's graduation from Air Force Basic Training Lackland AFB, TX June 2012.

Starship NC-33 in Owensboro KY April 2012.

Oshkosh EAA Airventure 2011.

A visit with my friend Kimmo who is a Gulfstream G4 pilot in Chicago. December 2010.

Christmas 2010.

Graduation of my neice Stacy Godfrey from Oklahoma State University. December 2010.

The family together for Thanksgiving 2010.

Ferry flight of a King Air 350 from Tampa FL to Bogota Colombia. August 2010.

Family trip to Annapolis to meet my first grandbaby. Ewan Joseph McCorkell July 2010.

My daughter Dr. Liz Batchelor's graduation from Northeastern State University Optometry School May 2010.

A friend's Airplane that ended up in the Arkansas River landing short at Riverside Airport. March 2010.

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands July 2009.

Visit with my good friend Luis Villarreal and his family Monterrey Mexico October 2008.

Rocky Mountain State Park Colorado August 13, 2008.

Jethro Tull Concert at Red Rock Ampatheater CO August 12, 2008.

EAA Oshkosh 2008.

Adventures on a Sailboat in the British Virgin Islands.

My Daughter Lisa's graduation from St John's College in Annapolis MD.

My Daughter Liz's Wedding Dress. She was married to Patrick Batchelor on July 14, 2007

Sailing in the Gulf of Mexico, July 3, 2007

Billy's graduation from Bishop Kelley High School. May 19, 2007

Trip to New York City and the Today show. May 9, 2007

My future son-in-law Patrick Batchelor's graduation from NSU. May 7, 2007

My son Billy, all dressed for his senior prom. April 28, 2007

The USS Ling, SS-297, At the New Jersey Naval Museum, Hackensack, NJ April 11, 2007

A Beechcraft B36TC I picked up in Hawthorn CA for a friend. March 18, 19, 2007

Jeff Godfrey (nephew) wedding to Susan - March 9, 2007

Flight to Los Mochis Mexico February 2007

Jeffrey Raj - Visit to Tulsa from Malaysia May 2006

Liz Brunton's Graduation from NSU May 2006

Visit to the Edison / Ford Winter home and museum in Ft Meyers FL April 2006

Trip to Las Vegas March 2006

Trip to Cabo San Lucas February 2006

Christmas December 2005

Latest Family Pictures Dec 2005

Pictures of a St Louis Cardinals game, August 2005

Pictures of the Claremore OK Airshow, August 2005

Pictures of Bill's trip to Oshkosh WI, July 2005

Pictures of Bill's trip to Malaysia, Janurary 2005

Pictures of a delivery of a Bonanza A36TC to San Diego CA, Janurary 2005

Pictures of Christmas, December 2004

Pictures of the graduation of Bill's daughter Lisa from OSU, December 2004

Pictures of the Claremore, OK Airshow, August 2004

Pictures of Bill's vacation to Oshkosh, July 2004

Pictures of Bill's trip to Nigeria, March 03

Pictures of Bill's trip to Malaysia, Jan/Feb 02

Pictures of Bill's vacation to Oshkosh, July 2001

Pictures of Bill's trip to Las Vegas NV, 2001


Two performers collide at a Polish airshow

An awesome population clock!

An F15 that lost it's wing and landed safely.

A miracle staircase

A Beechcraft King Air B220 that landed safely!

Power Point Presentation of some KEWL aviation photos

An Awesome computer clock!

Those crazy men in their flying machines!

Air Force Thunderbird Crash - - View from the cockpit - - High Res Photo

Honda Car Ad from England - This is awesome!

Here is the Original Honda Ad Site Link

The newest - most efficient airliner from Boeing

Flash Mind Reader - See if you can figure how this works

Live car crash - big file 12MB

Strangers on my Flight - by Frank Sanatra

An AWESOME aerobatic video

Look what happens when you mess around in an airliner!

A Beechcraft King Air F90 that I helped a friend buy.

The OOPS! List

The F22 Fighter - Awesome!

Emergency Landing on the 405 freeway in LA

Videos produced by my friend James Martin while he was in Iraq

James' first video from Iraq (16MB).

Won't Back Down Iraq Video (21MB).

I am a Patriot Iraq Video (31MB).

I Stand Alone Iraq Video (12MB).

Children of Iraq - very emotional. Iraq Video (23MB).


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